Mazzarini RT V6 – Custom Car Build

I feel as though I’ve been moving away from the original intentions of this website, and that is linking you to interesting builds from around the world. What I mean by that is, I think the site-hosted builds like the Ferrari F40, Honda City Turbo II, EG Civic/S15 Silvia, and my own garage build have distracted me from posting those unique threads from various forums. Not that those builds aren’t interesting – and they’re a hell of a lot more work for me to set up – it’s just that this site was built on finding and sharing builds from external forums. So here we go, back into the swing of things with a completely custom built car from Sweden. The fiberglass body is influenced by 1970’s race cars like the GT40 and Lola, with a 3.2L Alfa Romeo V6 for motivation. Thanks to HÃ¥kan for submitting, this is his own build.

So what do you think, do you prefer being linked to builds on forums? Or do you enjoy reading builds that are completely hosted on this site? I’d love to hear your thoughts…






















 CLICK HERE for the full build thread.


13 thoughts on “Mazzarini RT V6 – Custom Car Build”

  1. I’ve loved the F40 build, it’s a really amazing (and thorough!) build log. The City’s cool too. I do love seeing these kinds of “one guy in a shop” projects though too. I guess basically I’m happy with the content you post, even if it’s not exactly in line with the original mission of the site. It’s all good.

  2. we come her for buildthreads so if that’s on this site or other sites and forums the. It doesn’t really matter. Have been enjoying the Honda City Turbo II thread especially.

    Keep up the top work Ant, I’m sure plenty of others feel the same.

  3. Bit of A, Bit of B…

    I love both the site hosted builds and the links, but a lot of the story telling that goes into a good build thread gets lost on forums, where 15 of 20 posts are “good job” and you have to wade through them to see the builders next post.

  4. I prefer going to the full build thread when it can been seen by visitors to the forum but I (and no doubt the forums admins) don’t really want to become a member to view a thread. So the site hosted builds are great in this context.

  5. Hi! I’ve been enjoying all content you’ve been posting! The garage built is definitely a very welcome variety!

  6. Oh an yes, like Sciclone mentioned, I prefer having the full build details on this website, if the content owners permit it! It’s a bit tiring scouring through the pages of a forum thread hunting for updates!

  7. 90% of what goes up is fantastic. That’s a pretty good hit rate. So move as you feel led. Your batting average is really high.

  8. I like the F40 & garage builds mixed in as well, but my preference is definitely the Do-It-Yourself forum-style build threads. The vehicles that show off incredible talents of determined DIY’ers & unknown craftsmen are the best.

  9. I love build-threads in Forums, just because they tell the whole Story. mostly i scroll through the Pictures and only read text when i see something Special. but at least i can see all the work that cot into it istead of a compressed Version here. but i have to say i also really like the Honda build and ferrari F40 rebuild. great Job.

    btw: Need more Garage builds like the build – loved those 🙂

  10. This build is awesome! I have so much respect for completely designing and building a car from scratch in your own garage.

    Personally I hate clicking through 70 pages of “Awesome build!” comments when there is only 4 pages worth of actual build content.

    I think the best solution is to host them here, like you are doing, but include a bit more of the builders comments from his/her posts from the thread. I feel it would give more of the story than just posting the pictures and a brief description.

  11. Don’t really care if hosted here or on marque specific site. Love the idea that I can come here (often) for great build threads.

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