Mercedes Bent 600/190SL

A lot of attention at SEMA seems to be directed at this very interesting SL Merc, and rightly so. A modern SL600 mated with an oldschool 190SL, meticulously grafted together by Hot Rods & Custom Stuff. A quick Google search of their business name brought me to their website, and like most of the top builders in the US, they have dedicated galleries for each of their projects, so head on down to the bottom of the post to find the link.




CLICK HERE for more info from the Hot Rods & Custom Stuff website.

CLICK HERE for the spotlight on the car by Mike Garrett.

8 thoughts on “Mercedes Bent 600/190SL”

  1. the 20 inch wheels were a necessity because of the size of the brakes on the car. it has 16 inch rotors on the front and 20 inch is the smallest wheel that would clear them.

  2. incredible story!!
    5 years a go , i make exactelly the same project in france, a 190 sl but on a 928 porsche!
    i was going in LA , at boyd coddington shop ,and see mike curtis for make the wheels and the steering wheels.
    and today i see a very beautyfull project similar to mind , and see mike on it!
    the world is small and there is no 1000 guys like mike curtis

    : dominik hozoï

  3. I got to work on that car! That car is faster than it has any right to be!! The lower-cut seats do feel a bit weird tome but, you forget all of that when you hit the accelerator!!

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