Mid-Engine RWD Honda Integra

Is anyone else noticing a bit of a theme where people take front wheel drive cars and convert them to rear wheel drive, all wheel drive, or mid engine rear wheel drive? Some similarly themed Build Threads features that spring to mind are…

Mk2 Golf Mid-Engine RWD

Civette LS1 Powered Civic

VW Polo RWD Rear Engine Drift Car

AWD Twin Engine Honda CRX

As for this feature, I’d like to thank Coolin-AE86from JDM Style Tuning for posting the link in the Integra Picture Thread. Cover image by Patrick Smith/pks prod.

Above image by Patrick Smith/pks prod.

CLICK HERE for the full build thread.


5 thoughts on “Mid-Engine RWD Honda Integra”

  1. Very cool! Wish Honda/Toyota made FR 4 cylinder cars like the 70’s/80’s (at least Toyota did). “We learned at an early age, FWD Sucks!!!” ha ha

  2. too pad the owner doesn’t know how to drive. give that car to a bmw owner and he’ll show you how to make donuts.

  3. the fabrication in the rear for the mid enginge setup looks like you just hooked motor mounts to the top of where the struts should be bolted in. if thats what you did then is it street legal still?

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