Mid-Engine RWD turbo CRX

It seems the there are many members of the Honda fraternity who still undeniably love the marquee, yet are quite bored of the whole FWD thing. On this website alone there are 3 other builds documenting Hondas being DIY’d away from their standard drivetrain layout. There’s a front-engine RWD F20C CRX, a mid-engine rear wheel drive DC2 Integra, and an AWD Twin Engine Del Sol. This latest build uses a mixture of those combinations, giving us a mid-engine rear wheel drive CRX. Honda, are you listening?

Thanks to Daniel for submitting.


CLICK HERE for the full build thread.


8 thoughts on “Mid-Engine RWD turbo CRX”

  1. “Cleanest” can certainly be argued, what with the soda cup for an overflow tank. Redneck honda is redneck.

    While I can appreciate all the thought and effort that went into this build, it’s a damn shame that it never went around a single corner in the entirety of that video… 🙁

  2. “Clean” would have to be one of the most over-used and misused terms in the car scene, it’s really lost it’s meaning.

  3. I’ve ridden in that car many times (friend of mine built it). Trust me when I say the one thing that car doesn’t do well is corners.

  4. I think that if it doesn’t turn well its a matter of suspension tuning . Shit he is more than half the way there. God dammit it runs and drives . Cheers for outstanding work . More time suspension tuning less time dynoing please . I wanna see some short wheelbase drifting .

  5. If it doesn’t corner then you may not know how to drive, rear engine cars have a different apex then not only front engine but FWD as well. Needless to say your friend is riding out of town on a different horse than he came in on. Practice practice practice and push thru the turns and don’t wussy out or you’ll roll her

  6. One of the most amazing build ever!!. How did u manage to work the transmission? Pls share some of the tech you had to do. Thank you!

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