Midmounted Mazda Minitruck [video build]

This following build was part of the teasers I placed in my “Best of 2010” guest-post on Speedhunters last year. Out of the 5 teasers, I have only managed to do a follow-up feature one of them, The Widow Maker. Well, here’s number two!

This minitruck is like no other I’ve seen. It might be bagged and body-dropped like many others, but what sets it apart from the rest is the Lexus V8 sitting behind the cabin. Another element of this build that strays away from the norm is that Nick, the owner and builder, has chosen to document the build in video format, creating his own YouTube channel to showcase the progress. The updates are always informative and entertaining, with some choice Kiwi wit thrown in amongst the tech stuff. Head below to find all the links you’ll need to get acquainted with this unique creation.







These are only a small sample of videos available, there are over 30 for you to sink your teeth into (that’s almost two hours worth), so hit up the links below and start watching.


CLICK HERE to head to the truck’s YouTube channel,
click on “Play All” to view the videos in sequence.

CLICK HERE to keep up to date with the project on Facebook.

CLICK HERE to view the project in a build thread format.


6 thoughts on “Midmounted Mazda Minitruck [video build]”

  1. great project you can never go to far you can only do something no one else has done and your doing it.
    What is the trans axle out of and where did you get it.
    Thanks again

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