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I should be playing GT5 right now, but it’s been a bit too long since the last post for my liking, and I hate keeping you guys waiting. If you remember about 6 months ago I made two separate posts about some Miura builds that I had found after searching around the ‘net. Well, I still haven’t shaken that Miura obsession so another quick Google search led me to this replica build. It might not be the real thing, but you’ll be impressed when you see how much hard work the builders have put into this Fiero based replication, with plenty of attention given to the fiberglass body to ensure it fits perfectly over the beefed up framework. In my opinion all it needs is some more authentic wheels to compliment the quality in which the build was executed. Now, let me get back to GT5, because it’s the only way I’m going to get a Miura of my own!

Source: thesmokingtire.com

CLICK HERE for the full build thread, 19 pages of building goodness.

8 thoughts on “Miura Replica”

  1. Helo,my name is Jose Luis, I am Spain, I would like know wheare sell the fibergllas body. thanks.

  2. Hello, I´m interested at the Miura Kitcar.
    can you send me more informations.
    I want to build a miura kitcar (replica).
    I´m from German.
    Can you help mre to find somebody who have a Miura Kitcar in German.
    I want to drive it on offical streets, so I need a german TÃœV (technical oragnisation).
    Can you send me prospekts?

    Here my adress:
    Hans-Peter Nilges (Name)
    Am Hensberg 10 (Street)
    D- 57647 Nistertal (Village)

    Thanks HP

  3. Dear all good day
    I m interesting for a Miura.
    It can be available ? how much time to built?
    How much cost?
    Can I be there during the assembling time to time?


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