MK2 Golf GTI

Imagine my delight when Canadian photographer, Matt, emailed me to inform me he’s been shooting a local MK2 Golf build for a friend of his. A photographer, documenting a build? Sounds like a match made in heaven to me, I only just managed to refrain from squealing like a schoolgirl. The build is a mixture of the owners images and Matt’s, showcasing the 2-door Golf’s transformation from almost stock and problem-ridden into a (yet to be run-in and re-tuned) 300fwhp animal.

CLICK HERE for the full build thread.


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  1. Big thanks to Build Threads for posting the build. Extreme thanks to Matt for shooting all the photos for the build. The car has been… well painful. Problem after problem and I’m starting to come out ahead finally after two years of building. Its coming together nicely and I should expect a full street tune and dyno pull by end of October and see where the car sits for power. If It doesn’t hit 500+ whp, I’ll be going back to the drawing board with different turbo, head work, install my water/meth kit, turbo manifold.

    Car will be going through more huge changes this winter. From Syncro to paint and a hard to hit 600+ whp goal it should be an extremely busy winter.

    I really wish I had a reason to why I want a mk2 this fast and powerful… Unfortunately I don’t have one. I just really love MK2’s and Vw’s. I get criticized constantly for building something that has no resale value and the things I could have bought or built instead. My mind fills with ideas constantly but in the end, as much as some days I hate this car. I can’t stop or give up until its done.

    I want people to look at the car and hear it and say to them selfs “Huh, thats uhh, ridiculous.” Have my friends giggle like school girls and plain out scar the piss out of local muscle. Pipe dreams? Perhaps… but I’m going for it.

    Thanks for all the support! Not to mention my “Wife” for putting up with my constant bitching over the last two years through the whole progress of the build… and of course the eventual more bitching over the winter. Even though I said I’d take a break. Love you? haha

    Thanks Guys! 🙂

  2. Sean, having been through a build myself, with many asking similar questions about value at the end of the project, you’re doing the right thing by yourself. As for the wife, I’ve found that greasing the wheels of love with a few diamond trinkets always helps the cause. At least in my case it did. Onwards and upwards.

  3. OMG….!!!!



    (South Africa)

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