MKIV Golf Ute/Pickup conversion

What I love about the modifying game isn’t just the ability to improve on a car’s performance or looks, but those rare people who take it that step further and change the whole purpose of a car. I first laid eyes on this MKIV Golf Estate/Wagon turned ute on within some event coverage. After asking some VW friends from StanceWorks Australia about it, they brought the 1552 wheels to my attention. After a bit of digging around using some keywords I finally unearthed exactly what I was looking for, a build thread on UKMKIVs. Gotta love the wonders of the internet and what you can uncover if you try. Now I’m having bad ideas for my own MKIV, where did I leave my angle grinder?…

Click here for more ute/pickup conversions.














CLICK HERE for the full build thread.


4 thoughts on “MKIV Golf Ute/Pickup conversion”

  1. Hey. I have mk4 wagon and im thinking about change golf to pickup type. But theres a few questions, how to do it right. One of them, how you found the rear window when you cutted off the whole back. You can buy glass and cut it by yourself or theres is some glass that fits in? Second thing, you used old trunk to fill the back, just stuck it in as same as back doors? And what you did, to get away water which pours in the trunk?
    Hope for reply, because im realy excited!

  2. Good day,

    I just want to know if it is possible to make the VW Golf 4 wagon a double cab pickup, 4 doors? I have one and always thinking about it to make it a double cab pickup.

    Thank you for your time.
    Anton S Engelbrecht.

  3. i to have a spare 2000 golf tdi and want to extend into a pickup have you continued with project

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