Nissan Patrol Duramax V8TT

And now for something completely different, a twin-turbo Duramax powered Nissan Patrol 4wD built for street/strip duties, aiming for 1200rwhp and an 8.XX second ET…wanna read that again? This chassis has been through a few different incarnations during it’s lifetime before being torn down for its current rebuild, so it’s fair to say the owner has definitely made full use of this rig. If this isn’t enough Duramax action for you, check out this previous feature of a Chevelle using a similar powerplant.

Thanks to Kriss for submitting.

CLICK HERE for the full build thread.


7 thoughts on “Nissan Patrol Duramax V8TT”

  1. “kriss you’re an idiot, its clearly a 2wd”

    the fourth-ish picture down, you can CLEARLY see the front axle;

    the brake profile and spherical mount say its like a toyota full front

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