Picnic at Hanging Rock 2012

The annual Picnic at Hanging Rock car show was held today at Mt Macedon, and as usual there was more cars and bikes in attendance than anyone could ever need in one place, it’s definitely the largest automotive event in our State, year after year. Our day started with a 5:30am wake-up, so I’m too tired to write any more, so feel free to browse a few pics that I took, click for larger versions.

2 thoughts on “Picnic at Hanging Rock 2012”

  1. Anth, the FJ 1600 was looking awesome, along with the SR 510, 4A-GE+T Corolla and a 13B Mazda in your row. I really didn’t expect to see a 1UZ in that Volvo, either! Did you see ‘rabbit pirate’ rocking a white rabbit on his shoulder all day?

    Strongly suggest people check this out next year, great day.

  2. Thanks Mitch! The RX3 saw us in the distance and quickly made his way over to park with us, I think he wanted some back-up in the sea of GT’s and Mustangs, we were pretty well surrounded!

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