Porsche 356 back from the brink

Not many people can lay claim to bringing a car back from certain death. Yes, there’s plenty of skilled guys and girls out there who have saved cars that might have otherwise been shipped off to a wrecking yard if no one else claimed them, but what about an old rusted and twisted shell that wouldn’t even be used as parts by most? That’s how I’d describe this depleted and distorted 356 Porsche which had been sitting idle for 30 years, I just can’t fathom how anyone would look at it and think to themselves “Yeah, I can work with this”. But that’s exactly what the guys at Kustom Coach Werks did by beating, heating, and caressing this 356 back to life. You’ve seen the preview image, now come and see what becomes of it…

Thanks to Alex for submitting.
(and someone else who submitted it a long time ago but I accidentally deleted their email, oops!)

CLICK HERE for the full build thread.


10 thoughts on “Porsche 356 back from the brink”

  1. It is bringing many smiles to peoples faces that it didn’t before! What a nice gesture to shoot it clear and leave the scars. There’s none other like it. If it WAS totally restored, you’d never know those stories. GREAT!!!!

  2. Wow… Now that is some serious metal work those guys did! I also agrtee with Chris, looks amazing with clear coat to let it’s welds bare for all to see!

  3. I love it! I grew up in Body Shops so this type of restoration is nothing unusual to me in fact I have done more than a handful of repairs just as extensive and even more so. What is unusual and that I really like is the shooting it in clear and leaving the final body work unfinished. It shows the level of repair work that was done on this car and it is also very good advertising for the body man who owns this car. I used to take pictures of some of my cars that I had rebuilt from being total losses but this is even better advertising to show his capabilities. Great thread! Really enjoyed it.

  4. Just a word to say you guys have patience and dedication when it comes to a project like this. Many men would have passed this job off and settled for a beer. I guess you guys thought about your sanity over a beer and a “oh what the heck” attitude.
    What a fantastic rebuild, really enjoyed reading your article, thank you.

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