Porsche 935 K3

You have a unique Porsche 935 that you’ve already built up to RSR wide-body spec and it’s twin-turbo motor is needing a re-tune. What do you do? Do you a) simply re-tune the motor as planned, or b) simply re-tune the motor as planned and install an even wider race-spec K3 bodykit, individual throttle bodies, lexan windows, carbon doors, full cage, and new suspension? If you chose a), please turn off your computer now.

Thanks to Dennis for submitting.

Part 1:

Part 2:

CLICK HERE For the initial build thread.

CLICK HERE for the K3 conversion + more.


10 thoughts on “Porsche 935 K3”

  1. Am I the only one who liked it best stock? Not to discount his craftsmanship, just aesthetically prefer the non-crazy-bodykit look.

  2. The only thing I dislike is the paintwork. A car like this should sport some kind of cool paint. Black matte is just too repetitive everywhere

  3. Are you guys nuts? This thing is awesome! What a build- seems real authentic 1970’s 935 pure and tastefully done…think what a great track day car this would be. I agree with one thing stated- I’d finish it with my favorite 70’s 935 paint and graphics. Either Martini colors, Gulf, yellow Whittington Bros, or Brumos colors. How cool would that be!

  4. Awesome job on the build. Cars then were crazy and Porsche was no exception. I agree as a race day car it would a lot of fun and yes it really needs some colour to bring it all together.

  5. This was my car; interesting to see it here from my build threads. The reason for the change in body work was while the 935/76 look was good, it didn’t satisfy my need for the Kremer K3 style. The car now has a flat fan and is painted white with a livery (I sold it before it was repainted). The car was satin black as it was still in teething phase and sorting everything out.

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