Project Speedster MX5

Here’s another build I’ve had my eye on for a while which was recently completed. Like most people these days, I’m a fan of appropriately modified Mazda MX5‘s. But being such a popular platform, it becomes harder to get one to stand out from the sea of Roadsters, without ending up with an over-modded abomination. One way to break away from the pack – if you have the skills – is to create your own one-off special edition, something with more than a selection of bolt-ons. That’s exactly what The MX5 Restorer did to this once battered and bruised NA; he chopped, carved and sliced it up to create his own version of a Mazda Speedster, perfect for those windy roads on a warm summer day.


CLICK HERE for the full build thread.


4 thoughts on “Project Speedster MX5”

  1. hi. nice to know this was documented. what did you use for the front windshield. plexy or real glass. also if it is glass how much and where do i get it from.

  2. I am the builder of this car, thank you for putting this on your website, I couldn’t believe it when I found it this morning, watch this space though, because we have other build ideas planned

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