Project Ugly Horse

Another Mustang?! Well, yes, but this one’s a little different. Actually, it’s a lot different, because there’s no bent-8 to be seen in the propulsion department. Project Ugly Horse is a build I’ve stumbled across more than once, and found myself re-visiting it enough times that I realised I should probably put it up on the site.  The project started off on AutoBlog and then continues over at Road & Track, but don’t worry, all the necessary links are at the bottom of the post. Not only is this an interesting project on a wrenching level, but I found the most enjoyable part to be the exceptional writing, it’s very entertaining.

Click here for more turbo builds.














CLICK HERE for part 1-9 at AutoBlog

CLICK HERE for part 10 at Road & Track

CLICK HERE for part 11 at Road & Track

CLICK HERE for part 11.5 at Road & Track



6 thoughts on “Project Ugly Horse”

  1. This is a fun idea and all, but is absolutely retarded. Want a light, 6spd I4, IRS-equiped track car with excellent handling and huge aftermarket? Miata.

  2. N, how can you call this retarded? Do you realize that the fox body is a great car? Why be the same as everyone else and build another Miata with a 1.8? Why troll only to bring bad vibes to a website built for creativity?

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