Q:How do you spell quality? A:Broadfield

Jeff has submitted a few builds to the site lately, and while going back and forth over emails he pointed me in the direction of a blog run by his buddy, Toby. Jeff had only the highest opinion of the custom work that Toby churns out, and after clicking the link and having a snoop around, I didn’t have to look hard to see why. Toby does the sort of work that we all wish we were capable of doing, if only we possessed greater volumes of two key ingredients: skill, and patience.

From imports to exotics, cars to boats, interior or engine bay, everything is done with the utmost quality and attention to detail. Click more to find the link.

Link: broadfield.wordpress.com


4 thoughts on “Q:How do you spell quality? A:Broadfield”

  1. Wow, sick builds! I’d hit this guy up for some custom work, but something tells me that he’s probably too $$$ for my wallet. Even if I could afford his work, I’d still have to convince the wife. Yeouch!

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