Mid-engine RWD MKII Volkswagen, sounds familiar, doesn’t it? That’s because a very similar project was featured here over a year ago [click here]. While this one definitely shares some similarities, one point of difference is that it’s a Jetta, not a Golf. You have to give these guys props for ripping out entire floor-pans and changing the drive layout of a car in their garage. I’ve also got my eye on a MKI Golf being converted to V8 RWD, so keep your eye out for that one. The VW scene sure knows how to keep bringing the goods.

Build thread:


5 thoughts on “RWD MKII Jetta”

  1. the owner of that mid engine golf is back to work on his car, after getting work done on his new house.

  2. That is awesome! All cars should be RWD when they look so good with wide meats like that. Mmm mmm mmmm

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