S15.3 RB30 Supercharged

The generous parts interchangeability offered to enthusiasts by Nissan is a beautiful thing, from the old Datsun days to the cars of the present, it’s as if the bean-counters at head office have always secretly been catering to the people who love to modify by transforming the local spare parts counter into a virtual buffet.

Here we have a true diverse mix of the Nissan bloodline. Take one S15 Silvia, the front bodywork from a 180SX, an RB30 bottom-end/RB26 head, a supercharger, stir vigorously, and this is what you get…

Listen to the whine…

The build isn’t quite finished yet, but there are still plenty more pictures and info to trawl through, so CLICK HERE to check it out.

5 thoughts on “S15.3 RB30 Supercharged”

  1. those headers ohhh those headers I would need a dark nasty hotel room fot those headers haha messen wow amazing build

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