The Salt Bullet – Bonneville Racer

Here’s another build brought to my attention by the serial submitter, Cereal. It’s something a bit different from the usual road/race car’s that usually get a mention here, this time it’s a Bonneville salt lake racer gracing the page. How would you go about making a salt lake racer? In your own garage of course! The interesting thing about this one is it’s choice of power-plant, a Suzuki GSX-R 750 motorcycle engine.

The build has been ongoing for a few years now and is not quite finished. Don’t let that deter you though, as there is still bucket loads of information on the site.

If you’re a fan of the technical nitty gritty, then make yourself a favourite drink, free up some time, and get ready to read. There are over 100 listed pages on the main website, so make sure you hit the link at the end of the story to check it out.

Head to
for all the details.

5 thoughts on “The Salt Bullet – Bonneville Racer”

  1. Once again, you’ve blown away all the previous builds you’ve posted. The purity of this build, and my love for Suzuki’s motorcycle engines (especially in cars) completely makes this. Also, the guy went nuts with quality control. Everything about the car is perfect, as I see it, and I can’t wait to see the build completed.

    Now let’s see a streetable Motorcycle-powered car 🙂

  2. Thats got to be one of the most over engineered projects I’ve ever seen! Why make the suspension and steering geometries so complex, it just makes no sense at all. Its built like a tank, there must be a couple of tonnes worth of welding in there alone!

  3. I read through all 100+ pages and then I got to the end . . . . His last update was Feb/2009. Did I miss something? Did something happen to him? Did he sail away and never return? I’d love to know how this turns out. G

  4. Hahahaha. Hey, that’s me!
    I’d forgotten I submitted this one.

    Love the new digs. As always, thanks for a great site.

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