School’s in! V12 Diablo replica

Dave from Stance Is Everything must be the hardest working guy in the automotive blog network, every time I check his site there’s a bunch of new posts and updates, which is much more than I can say for myself! I remember reading an older post of his where he reminisced about the influence his old high school auto-shop teacher had on him, and I thought to myself how cool it would have been to have a teacher who was in to cars, let alone actually have auto-shop available as a class (my school never provided it). Fast-forward to last week, Dave put up a new post about the most recent work his old teacher has undertaken, a tube-frame Lamborghini Diablo replica powered by a BMW V12. Sure beats the usual Pontiac Fiero based replicas, talk about stepping it up!

CLICK HERE to see the full project, there are 13 pages of images, page 5 has links to earlier build photos.

Thanks again to Stance Is Everything, go check it out!


9 thoughts on “School’s in! V12 Diablo replica”

  1. This is by far the best I’ve ever seen step by step build! You guys did an amazing job. If I were to do it how much would it cost? Or can I buy one from you?

  2. Hi, i’m in the Toronto area and would like a build like this. Let me know if you have any leads on a turn key car or iv you’re building any or selling any. Fantastic Job! Well Done!

  3. Jason meredith her like you to do a Lamborghini for me using v12 bmw motor how much was the build when is the soonest you can start are even a Ferrari enzo replica with bmw. V12

  4. I’m currently doing the same thing it’s actually a fairly easy combination. Just source your self a old bmw m70 out of any of the sedans:) order a adapter plate from drift works HQ Porsche g86 5 speed from a boxster. Yes the five speed is just fine because tons of you were going to say that’s a weak transmission….. For a bear ass M7 it’s just fine There is a gentleman by the name of Eric Martin in the replica world that will manufacture you a fly wheel and clutch. He runs A&E machining …… once you get that combination right it will work just fine for the replica I am currently going above and beyond and actually building a GTR
    I have my intake manifold being custom built
    From a company called Renault bmw… they are manufacturing A ITB intake with a carbon fiber scoop…. Because I am building a GTR remanufacturing the intake wasn’t easy. But onto making the engine run there are plenty of companies out there that have aftermarket electronic control module that will run a V 12 . Within about three hours of digging you should be able to find everything on the Internet to make the engine run……

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