Scratch-built Mid-engined sports car

Build, built, building. “I built my car”, “check out my build“, “have you seen this guy’s build?”. Has the word lost it’s meaning? I hear these sentences getting thrown around a lot, maybe too much, it seems to be the go-to word instead of saying you’ve “modified” a car. While I’m not prepared to sit and discuss the merits of this one term, I want you to take solace in knowing that there are still people out there who truly embody the word “build”. Just like the folks at Invision Prototypes, who take that simple word and turn it up to 11, by putting together this completely hand-built car, a mind-boggling exercise in metal shaping and forming. Seriously, just click below to see what I mean, you’ll be blown away by what you see.

Thanks to Peter for submitting.






















CLICK HERE for the full build thread.


8 thoughts on “Scratch-built Mid-engined sports car”

  1. This is amazing. That is a lot of work.

    I don’t personally like the styling/look of the vehicle though, but that irrelevant because the work is awesome.

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  4. Hi Everyone! The other night a friend forwarded me a link to this site and suggested to have a peak. Not only am I surprised, but truly honored to have our R2 mid-engine sports car project showcased here on Build Threads! Thank you very much.

    Metal shaping captured my interests in my mid teens… and I’ve been hammering away fabricating panels and cars since then. If anyone has any questions, comments or simply want to see more pictures visit and like our Facebook page. Thanks again! Nick

  5. Amazing work but when you have the skill to make something beautiful, 250 GTO for example, why oh why made this monstrosity. It’s hideous.

  6. @Dashy

    Well, taste is a subjective thing. What looks good to one person will look hideous to another. I have a car design I sketched out, That i would love to be able to build, but its rather complex, and even though I like the design, Im sure there are those who might not. If someone else thinks its ugly, well that’s on them, I like it, and that’s all I care about.

    This build was something the envision folks liked, and wanted to do. It will look ugly to some, beautiful to others, and both sides would be valid. You can’t disprove an opinion, after all. I kinda like it myself, and I love how they have completely handbuilt it, especially in metal! Granted, even in fiberglass, I would still consider it neat, due to handbuilding it, and the skill in making a complex body like this.

    I would want to see a completed car to judge for myself if i like it or not

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