Sharka NA Miata v2.0

From the ashes of a past flame rises a new love. Adam’s pride and joy was a ’97 Miata that met its maker after being rammed up the backside by an inconsiderate truck on the freeway. Instead of packing up and going home, a stock ’95 was purchased with the promise of rebuilding the vision of the original car, only better.

You know those kinds of build threads that are full of great photography, well-written narratives, and lots of DIY mods? This is one of those threads, I think I’ve read it front-to-back about 3 times now.

Build thread:


7 thoughts on “Sharka NA Miata v2.0”

  1. Whoa! Thanks for the spotlight!!!! Very much appreciated.

    2 tiny details: The dead car was a 97. I bought a 95 to replace it and never have to deal with OBDII again. The 95 is the one in all the pix.

    And the 97 died in a freeway wreck. 70 mph worth of Toyota truck straight up the tailpipe. I lived. =)

  2. Thanks for leaving a comment Adam, apologies for the mistakes! Love what you’ve done with the car, can’t wait to see more progress.

  3. Thanks for the quick edit! I really appreciate it. No apologies necessary.

    And seriously. I feel beyond honored for Sharka to share a page on your blog with Rusty. To be separated by only one post? Seriously seriously honored.

  4. @escuha: Donno! I’ve not yet had it on the dyno since installing the turbo. But 200-250 hp is a safe guess for an FM2 kit with a Link ECU.

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