Sliding throttle bodies + DIY metal casting

I’m pretty sure this is the most extreme and creative use of DIY I’ve ever seen. Sure, some people have access to CNC machines, or they might be handy with a lathe, but have you ever seen someone CAST their own parts? The owner is even creating his own 16V head and a sliding throttle body setup, everything from the linkages to the carbon fiber plenum, all done by hand. Not enough, well what about a scratch-built head-skimming machine? I think you get the point, and I didn’t even mention the carbon fiber spoon…wait, what?

If anyone has the right to call themselves a “builder”, it’s this guy. The tech-savvy and fans of home-built cars will love this one. All of the hard work is being put into a MK2 Golf, but this is more about the work and parts than the car itself. If you’re a bit like me and found yourself scratching your head when you heard the term “sliding throttle bodies”, check out this link for a bit of information. Update: Or you can click here to see a Youtube video of some sliding throttle bodies in action. Fast forward to around 1:35 (Thanks Tilman)

Thanks to “Chester Rumble” from my favourite Honda forum, NWP4LIFE for bringing this build to my attention.

Full build thread:


10 thoughts on “Sliding throttle bodies + DIY metal casting”

  1. There is a part in his thread where a guy says response to his build saying:

    “Brian…I feel I must say something..I just dont know what top say!!!”

    and to that response he says:

    “I have to do it Dave, you know how it is, I want to be solely in control of everything that I intend doing to my engines going into my car, making this means Im not relying on someone else to do the machining/skimming.”

    The guy is a god damn inspiration…made me tear up that’s for sure. You guys need to go check this thread out. The guy built his own machine so he can cast parts for his car. Talk about dedication.

  2. Sickest build ever! Hahaha Thanks for the props Anthony!

    Keep it up! When are you going to make t-shirts for the best blog?

  3. awesome thread indeed.
    oh and please post the thread again here, once he’s started on the head. i’m VERY curious about how he’s going to tackle that!


  4. This guy is properly mad as a hatter.
    he’s like Doc from back to the future but cooler.
    he is also a gent and always at the end of the phone if a question needs answering.

    Keep up the good work Brian.

  5. illest sht eva!!this keeps me goin,i got MK2 projcts of ma own…will post em wen im done…peace yo!!

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