SN65 03/65 Mustang

Get ready for a truly epic build. Similar to the Mad Minor project, this is another build that involves taking the body of a classic car and dropping it onto a chopped up frame from a newer unibody car. In this case it’s a 1965 Mustang fastback being mated to the underpinnings of a 2003 SVT Mustang.









Instead of a build thread, this time all the information is packed into a PowerPoint presentation:

Even more build up pictures can be found here

For more information check out the official site of the SN65 project

6 thoughts on “SN65 03/65 Mustang”

  1. Amazing ! I love what you did with the interior. Its always been a dream to custom my 65 Mustang that my father gave to me and when I saw your custom I nerly cried of how beautiful it was. My car means everything to me becuse my father gave to me and it resembles my father. I love him to death and thatst why i love my car . I miss my dad and ur car is what i dreamed to do with mine

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