SR20DET 240Z

A highly desirable car built to only the highest of standards, this 240Z has had no expense spared during its reincarnation. Chesse submitted this build while the car was still in it’s assembly stage, but now it’s completely finished so we can enjoy the full journey of the cars restoration.

What, pictures and text not enough for you? Well if your pockets are deep enough, the car can be yours for the sum of $125,000. Yeah, I think I’ll have to stick to the pictures too!

CLICK HERE for the build thread.

CLICK HERE for the sale thread.


7 thoughts on “SR20DET 240Z”

  1. this is the exact 240z i want to build, except mine wouldnt be as baller and would take 10 years to finish, first 5 of which it’ll be sitting waiting for me to get all the parts. Simply stunning.

  2. That is an amazing car. I have a totally original, rust free 72 240Z that I drive several times a week. We recently rebuilt the engine and all of the suspension parts and it handles like new. When it comes time to restore it I would like to give it the same treatment as you did. Kudos.

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