Team RD GC8 WRX STi Race Car

A number of people have been submitting build threads recently which is always encouraged. I’ve got a few features in the works for you guys, plus some builds that I’m holding off from posting until they progress a bit further. Thanks to Joshua for submitting this one, an in-depth build of a GC8 WRX race car by Team RD.

The build thread is really impressive and has some great photography, it’s not quite finished yet but there’s enough progress to keep you busy for a while…

3 thoughts on “Team RD GC8 WRX STi Race Car”

  1. While certainly a nice collect of parts, it seems like this team is (essentially) throwing money at a chassis without really having an idea of what they want to accomplish drivetrain wise.

    Don’t get me wrong, I don’t want to be viewed as some atypical internet forum hater dbag, who would be written off as jealous because ‘he couldn’t do it’ (which is far from the truth…well aside from the paint work…I hate that stuff) but with a build of this proportion (both in parts and in money) it is almost a bit of a let down after nerdilly (yes I made that up) reading through 36 pages of a build only to see an engine that anyone with half a brain could assemble by themselves in their garage (I guess what I’m trying to say is, why put a street car engine into a pseudo race car chassis). It’s almost like the owner is more interested in the overall appearance of the car, more than the overall function of the car (which is not to say the car isn’t going to be functional…just that he’s more concerned with the engine bay paint matching the stickers on the side of the car).

    Attention to cosmetic detail and weight reduction is second to none.. but I think that the car is (flame suit on) ultimately a collection of nice parts, and less a race (or fun as he says…but then is worrying about a budget) car.

    Nontheless, I will continue to follow the thread to see how it performs on track after he gets it all together.

  2. I have to agree with Cody on this one, but there’s even something to be said for a nice collection of parts that’s actually going together. It seems like there was a nebulous plan from the outset, and it’s coming together fairly nicely, but I still don’t understand what the purpose of this car is. It looks like it’s a street car made to look more intimidating.

  3. Interesting points you both make, I love the feedback! I all I can say in their defense is with the way the car is being built, the chassis work is being built to a level where they can upgrade to a more powerful engine down the track and know that the car will be able to handle it.

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