The Adventures of Mystery Machine

Earlier this year I made two consecutive posts about the automotive exploits of one Retro Rides member by the name of Bruce (aka Mystery Machine), a person who truly understands the appeal of a good build thread. Bruce not only built a very cool MX5 along with a number of other awesome rides, but he also spearheads and bankrolls a communal garage space known as Area52. You should already know what type of guy he is (a die-hard car nut), so it’s no surprise to learn his hands have been less than idle since the last time he graced these pages. I thought I’d do a little ‘catch up’ piece on his latest projects (a Land Rover and a Lotus, can’t get more variance than that!), since I’m enjoying reading them so much myself, it’s only fair to share it with all of you…

First up we have the very charismatic Land Rover, purchased by Bruce in an already very modified state, but that didn’t stop him from tearing into it straight away.

But not before a quick thrash, of course.

Apart from a number of smaller mods, the main call to action has been swapping out the tired transmission, which required the paneled flooring to be removed for better access.

With the old and new boxes laid out side-by-side, their difference in size became obvious. There was only one solution.

Starting with some of these…

…then a bit of this…

…and finish off with a bit of that.

In what I can only describe as a sever case of Build-Threaditis, Bruce also snapped up a second project car, a well-worn Lotus Elite.

First things first, she needed to be brought home to the operating theater, Area 52.

It didn’t take long for the boys to get the old girl up in the air, peering at here undersides to work out how she was put together…

…for the purpose of a suspension tinkering and wheel test-fiting session.

But the biggest progress has been made in the purchase of a second Elite.

While this second car is in a very sorry state on the surface…

…and even worse underneath…

…it’s the engine and suspension that prove to be worth the purchase price alone.

Like what you’ve seen so far? Grab a hot or cold drink (depending where you are in the world) and dig into the threads below.

CLICK HERE for the Land Rover build thread.

CLICK HERE for the Lotus Elite build thread.


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  1. Yep, successfully just spent a few hours at work, not working! Landy is awesome. Shame Area52 isn’t close to where I am. I saw this at BugJam a few years ago where it was getting plenty of attention. Good to see the mods improving it! Got to get myself a man cave……..

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