The KidVRod

What happens when you’re a 4 year old kid with a father who loves aircooled VW’s and knows how to weld? Well, you get your very own scaled down version of a VRod, of course!

Possibly the coolest dad in the world, Kristian from Finland transforms a regular Beetle shell into the baddest fully functioning kid-car going around for his lucky son.

Check out the full build thread here:

4 thoughts on “The KidVRod”

  1. Does it get any cooler than this? I haven’t read the whole thread, but I’m very curious to know what’s powering it. That thing is just mean!

  2. This car it´s own issue in the Ultra-VW,outstanding!
    Hope this guy won´t stop buildin´as i suspect he´s got more of this up his sleeve!

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