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Since building my own garage, I’ve been hanging around The Garage Journal a lot more, which has made me re-discover some threads that I had breezed over back when I was a casual visitor. Amongst all the amazing (and huge!) garages on the forum, I became reacquainted with a great thread that showcased not only a garage, but the renovation of the whole architect-designed mid-century home attached to it. I made myself sit down and read it from start to finish, taking in all of the gorgeous photography (did I mention the owner is a photographer?), various materials, construction techniques and bespoke joinery. As the page count increased, I realised that apart from the renovation of the gorgeous home and garage, the thread is also peppered with links to Gregor’s other passion, restoring and modifying motorbikes. For this reason I decided to make this post a builder spotlight, where you’ll find links to all of the visually delightful projects at the bottom of the page.

Click here for more Builder Spotlights.

Check out Gregor’s personal website here.



















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CLICK HERE for the full house/garage build thread.

CLICK HERE for the BMW boxer cafe bike.

CLICK HERE for the AWD KTM build thread.

CLICK HERE for another AWD KTM build thread.

CLICK HERE for the Moto Guzzi build thread.

CLICK HERE for the Ducati 900 build thread.


10 thoughts on “The world of Sakurama”

  1. I really dig the garage posts. You’ve inspired me to get my 2 car garage into shape. My brother also said my ceiling looks to be tall enough to fit a lift in it, which would solve my big problem. How do I find a way to get a project car when both my daily and my wife’s daily must fit in the 2 car garage. Anyway, keep these cool garage posts coming.

  2. A lift might be the answer to your problems, you could keep your project car on the lift and park either of your dailies underneath it. Then, when you want to work on the project, you back the daily outside and lower the lift. Not ideal, but it could work.

  3. Been slowly making my way through Gregor’s many posts/builds…..that Man is a God. Photographer, machinist, carpenter, plumber, engineer, designer, welder (OMG those welds!), graphic designer, and a happy family man raising an amazing family with his gorgeous wife. And I’m sure I’m missing

    Am I jealous? Totally. But that man works hard and deserves all the rewards that brings.


  4. Richard!

    Thanks for the far too kind compliment. I have a lot of irons in the fire but I seem to like it hat way. Hopefully I can keep up the energy to finish before too long. My wife used this feature to show that the house had competing priorities ;-( but being able to move from project to project helps keep it interesting. I may be slow to finish projects but they do get done.

    Anth, thanks for the feature. I appreciate the kudos.

  5. I read the thread beginning to end over the course of a couple days…and just wow. Gregor, you are truly talented and you have an incredible house. I can’t wait to see the end result of the renovation. It seems that every new project somehow dropped my jaw a bit further.

  6. I’ve been following his house thread since near the beginning, the man does quality work and has some great ideas. I need to get more wood tools 😛

  7. Your work is such an inspiration, both in your house and garage.

    I am sure your wife is very proud of all the work you do for your family. I hope to be able to do this kind of work when I buy a house and have a family 🙂

    Thank you for sharing your beautiful work with us.

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