Toyota Supra – Complete Rebuild

I’m not sure where I sit with this one, I’ve heard about it many times over the years and have read the entire thread myself, but I’m kind of on the fence about it. On one hand, it’s great to see someone so thorough in their quest for modification perfection, sparing no expense in a build that is so meticulous it crosses over to obsessive. The parts used are all of the highest quality, and the work is carried out by skilled technicians. But at the same time it’s an exercise in excess, so much so that it turns me off. Firstly, the car gets shipped from Australia to America to be built (I assume at great cost), even though we have a thriving and capable automotive industry right here. Then, pretty much every part of the car is replaced with brand new factory-bought items, including the wiring loom, plastic trims, hoses, interior parts, transmission, diff, you name it. Anyway, I guess it takes all kinds of us to make up the car scene that we love so much, so the best way I could put it is that I’d love to take a look over the car but I don’t think I could sit down with the owner and have a ‘car chat’ over a beer. Give me a low-budget, bruised-knuckles, blood sweat and tears garage-build any day. Still, it’s a great build thread, which I guess is all that matters.

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7 thoughts on “Toyota Supra – Complete Rebuild”

  1. WHY does every nice supra build have to be automatic trans? are they scared to take control of their $30,000 deathtraps?

  2. It says location Sydney in the first post, and the car is on new south wales plates from beginning to end. When did it move to america?

  3. @Ivan141;

    First page: “As a result of this, I emailed Dusty at MVP Motorsports on the 19th of November 2007 and then followed up immediately with a phone call. The jist of the phone call was this: Dusty: I want to ship my car to the US, have a modified TRD widebody kit fitted and have the engine built and a turbo install performed which would give me maximum low end power and torque with minimal lag.”

  4. He shipped it over the USA after he decided to modify it to that extent. All the work was done over there plus he shipped all the parts over. I just want to know if the car leaves the garage at all.

  5. What a waste. There are so Manny skilled shops in Australia that could easily have done that work. Sounds like someone with more money than brains to me!

  6. @Sacrifise8

    Because automatics are faster for drag racing. that is usually the case for almost all cars (especially turbocharged cars, because you keep the turbo spinning during gear changes).

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