Triumph TR6…or Z06?

Firstly, I feel I need to apologise for the amount of LSx builds on the front page, as I generally like to aim for a bit of variety on the site. But hey, if people keep stuffing them into cars in interesting ways, I have to keep featuring them! This one is a bit more than just an engine swap, though, because the owner has transplanted a lot of the underpinnings of a Z06 Corvette into his unsuspecting Triumph TR6. The most significant part of this build is that we learn the owner and builder is actually wheelchair bound, yet this proves no boundary to him as his enthusiasm and dedication to his car shines through, making the most of his situation and enjoying his passion to the fullest. So next time you’re feeling lazy or making excuses about your own project, have a read of this thread. My hat is tipped to you, Sir.

Thanks to Peter for submitting.



















CLICK HERE for Part 1.

CLICK HERE for Part 2.

10 thoughts on “Triumph TR6…or Z06?”

  1. Excellent build! This is exactly the kind of build that keeps me coming back to this site for more.

  2. Kinda amazed this just showed up. Cowboy Ray’s 71 TRZ06 has been a great inspiration to me.

    Ray, badass car! The front shot is killer!

  3. I think that what you have done with that body style of sports car is way cool! But what you did with the running gear is out of this world!!! Great Job.

  4. That throttle blip during the slow rpm climb is menacing. I can only imagine how awesome the power-to-weight ratio is.

  5. @dennis I would have dispensed with the front air dam altogether, regardless of it’s top speed potential, you’re ruining the lines of a very pretty car.

    The flares/boxes look a little bit clunky too, but that’s par for the course unless you want to add plastic extensions (USA regulations require all tires to be hidden under the fender-well).

    You definitely can’t (or at least shouldn’t) tub/sub the existing body on a car like this, for one thing there’s no room for it + a V8 up front. For another, it’s already a narrow track and that’s going to make it unstable at high speeds…which is sort of the point of wedging in a hot V8 to begin with.

  6. What a awesome build, you did a great job. I have been looking for a car to put a 8.3 viper motor in. I think I am going to look for a TR-6.

  7. Great pix,
    Planning to restore a tr6 in the near future. I need advice on what steps to follow from someone with more experience than me. Call or email me please. Cell 4012653928.
    This is not spam.

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