Turbine powered Spitfire

This build is only in it’s early stages, but it is of such an extreme nature that I just had to feature it straight away. I think it’s one of those projects that will get a lot of exposure very quickly, and then I’d be all butt hurt about the fact I didn’t feature it sooner (as has happened in the past), so here it is. It’s quite simple really, the car is a Triumph Spitfire, and the engine is from a helicopter. Yep, nothing to it…



CLICK HERE for the full build thread.


10 thoughts on “Turbine powered Spitfire”

  1. they’re probably building it coz nobody has. Sorry but I just can’t really bring myself to appreciate this build.

  2. did you even have a look at the thread mate, a school program with a 250,000 borrowed turbine engine, to design a digital fuel delivery system! you must need a lot to impress you!

  3. haha nobody had invented a long lasting light bulb before Edison, so I can’t appreciate those either. Surely there is something to appreciate about original thought.

  4. The cad design needs some work at the rear end. Apart from that this thing will be a beast.

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