Twins Turbo Motorsports Viper

Many of you have probably seen this incredible car before on the pages of Speedhunters, where the team documented some of the build and shared top-notch desktops of the finished product. Recently, Build-Threads reader Geoff emailed me a link to a full gallery of the build hosted on the workshops own website, so I thought there was enough visual treats to share with you guys, even if some of you are already familiar with the car.

CLICK HERE for the full gallery of build images.



2 thoughts on “Twins Turbo Motorsports Viper”

  1. simply beautiful fab work, that front end and the whole turbo system just make the car, both functionally and aesthetically.

  2. I am afeared!! That’s one mad snake. And they should never, ever put the hood on. Let the masses cower at the sight of those two massive turbos.

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