Volvo 480 RWD

Fredrik, from the build-thread-rich forum known as Zatzy, emailed me his project late last year. A Volvo 480 is a car I’ve never seen or heard of before, but after learning that this specific car was converted from FWD to RWD with a B234 engine and BMW ZF gearbox, I was more than interested.

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5 thoughts on “Volvo 480 RWD”

  1. I dig it. It’s funky. Great color and great wheels. I wish he would come to my place and help me make my Mazda Protege 5 wagon RWD using Miata bits and pieces and a K-series V6.

  2. Its likely as not a BMW rear end. Very popular in these kinda swaps. As is the front end swap. Usually for clearance, better suspension options and stronger for higher performance (B234 swap).plus they are very cheap now. This of course changes the hubs therefore Bimmer wheels

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