VQ35HR R32 Skyline

I just did a quick search and noticed I’ve only ever featured 3 Skyline’s since this site’s inception, and the last one was over 2 years ago! I think this one is more than deserving enough to get the marquee back on the front page. It’s an R32 GTR which becomes devoid of it’s RB26DETT straight-6 and AWD drivetrain, instead being fitted with a VQ35HR and 6-speed from a 370Z with a turbo strapped to each bank. I have to admit, the real reason I wanted to feature this car is because I’d find myself continually visiting the thread just to look at the picture of the engine, it’s combination of wrinkle red paint, black plastic, cast and polished metals, silver and gold reflective heat material, AN fittings and exhaust heat wrap is automotive art to my eyes.

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12 thoughts on “VQ35HR R32 Skyline”

  1. i have loved all the build articles on this site, but this r32 is a waste. You might as well set the car on fire and dump it. It is a complete waste of money and time when the rb26dett platform is already so proven just unbelievable.

  2. some people want a specific motor for a specific reason; the 370z trans is a good enough reason if you ask me. Newer too; less need for repair. More torque, and low end horses.

  3. I am sorry but there is nothing original about this build, Nissan engine swap build threads are a dime a dozen. Lets see some builds that are out side the box.

  4. Ignore the haters. Spent an hour looking through full thread, Fantastic build, great attention to detail in the engine bay, seems theres no corners cut on this build, be interested to see what power figures it put out when finished! Good luck with the rest of the build 😀

  5. So to all of the people freaking out that this is a real GTR,these piece of crap right hand drive cars are all over canada,most of them should be crushed as they are such garbage,they are cheap,like 5-8 k for a GTR so the only people that drive them are 20 year olds that can’t afford to fix them so they become even worse off then when they were in Japan.this guy did a great job on this car,now if only he made it left hand drive so he won’t kill some one,it would be perfect.

  6. Typical North American build. “I’m gonna do it my way” aka, the wrong way.

    I gave up after the first page. The cage is poorly-built. The harness bar doesn’t run straight, especially where it intersects the diagonal in the main hoop. Same goes for the side intrusion bars. Tube-notch fail.

    Plus, it would’ve added a whole hour to the build if he completely stripped the engine bay prior to paint, instead of the half-arse masking job. Furthermore, I wonder if he had to buff the overspray off the cars either side of it?

  7. Yeah, ain’t looking to hate and usually every project has something I’d like but this shit really does just piss me off! Great job at removing everything that makes the GTR… a GTR. Loads of rear wheel drive GTS Skylines out there for a hole lot cheaper to do this swap to and they decided to spend the extra money on removing a GTR’s sole? You might as well remove the GTR tags because its no longer a GTR… I don’t care what the tags say.

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