11 thoughts on “VW Bug Pickup”

  1. How do I contact this Mark I have several questions on how to radius the door corners and the
    bed attachment……..

    I have a 50 chev truck located to make the conversion.

  2. Absolutely love your creation! It’s an errorless cross between
    old school Americana auto art and timeless engineering art.
    The curves and the lines go perfectly together as if it were a
    factory creation.

  3. Gostaria de fabricar este modelo aqui no Brasil para meu uso tenho um fusca
    84 como podemos fazer para que me passe o projeto ?
    Ficarei grato

  4. If possible can the detail about the top of door corners be shown or explained? Geoff mentioned he found a better way to radius them but I didn’t find the explanation. A very nice creation, really great to see a young man do it right because ”he ” wanted to. thanks tom

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