VW Fox ute conversion

Take one VW Fox 2-door wagon, wield your choice of cutting utensil around some structural pieces of metal rearward of the B pillar, mix in a bit of hard work and welding, and you end up with your very own US version of a VW Saveiro. That’s exactly what Shawn did, and he was nice enough to shoot me a link to his build thread to share with everyone. One thing is for certain, all the custom fabrication work wasn’t done so it could sit pretty and hardpark it’s whole life, this little truck was built to work!

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CLICK HERE for the full build thread.


8 thoughts on “VW Fox ute conversion”

  1. FYI: This VW model – the VW Fox – does NOT exist in Germany. This is a America-only model.

    Just for those folks from Europe (like me) who are wondering why they never ever saw something like this on the streets 😉

    cu, w0lf.

  2. This is a brazillian car.

    There is the VW Gol, which is a little hatch. And the variants, the pickup called the Saveiro, the wagon called Parati and the sedan called Voyage.

  3. This is a sweet looking little truck. Turned a junker into a very cool-looking car! Major props!

  4. nice build looks clean and simple! i have a caddy and i bet this cost a lot less to build then to buy a caddy!

  5. Caddy are from 1980s and very hard to find a not rusted in decent budget. Converting the FOX is definitely cheaper. This one is well built. I would love to see how it is still holding up 10 years later.

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