Z31 300ZX Drift Car

Thanks to an anonymous reader for submitting this build. I remember reading this exact thread a couple of years ago when I used to visit the Body Shop section of ZipTied religiously. This is definitely one of the coolest Z31’s in the world, lots of custom work and who doesn’t love the fighter-jet instrument panel!? So unique and badass.


CLICK HERE to read the full build head.


5 thoughts on “Z31 300ZX Drift Car”

  1. thats sick i love the dash i almost bought a z31 for $500 kinda sad i passed it up after reading this

  2. Nissan Z’s are great vehicles between years, 1991-1996 in my opinion,, I have got a Twin-turbo, and am an fan.. I get a nice thrill out of these vehicles. I built a site for those that only own the Z32 90-96 300zx Twin Turbo. Come pay a visit to our new website, and chat with members when you are interested.. Thanks.. Nismo-tt.com

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