South East Dub Fest 2010

I threw this little flyer together for Dom who’s organising the 2010 South East Dub Fest. I thought it came out pretty nice, although I’d love to do a more intricate one for another event when I have more time to spare. Any Melbournians who are interested in the VW/Audi scene should come and check it out.

Performance VW Site of the Month + 100k views

Well I’m back from Fiji, and back to reality. Before I get back into posting content, I’d like to thank Elliot and the team at Performance VW Magazine for choosing Build Threads as their “Site of the Month” in the latest issue. What an honour, truly flattering. When I started this blog for a bit of fun at the beginning of the year, I never imagined I’d be getting this sort of exposure in such a short amount of time. Being in Australia I haven’t actually seen the article in print yet, since we get some international magazines a bit late, but Jeroen has kindly showed me this photo, thanks Jeroen!

Click on the image for a larger version.

Here’s a video of the double page spread thanks to the guys over at Puregroove/GarageZero & Violent Running. Congrats to them for having their TE31 Corolla blipped. You can read their posts here & here.


Also while I was away, the site ticked over 100,000 views, not bad for a bit over 7 months of blogging. Thanks again to all the readers, supporters, and people who link to Build Threads.

I’ve got heaps of content to sort through, lot’s of new submissions, so bare with me and I’ll get back to our regular programming soon!

Freaky Friday

Big thanks to JDM EGO for sending some love to Build Threads. Friday’s views (Eastern Australian Time) went through the roof and peaked at 2901 hits, and today looks set to be another big one.

Remember to regularly check the blogroll to the right of the page to visit the blogs that support us and keep up to date with the freshest material in automotive blogging.

– anth

100 Posts, 30,000 Views

This is the 100th post on Build Threads, and to this date we have reached over 30,000 views. Thanks to everyone who reads, comments, submits, links to us, and supports us, it wouldn’t be possible without your input.

To celebrate, here’s a re-cap of our previously featured build threads. Click the image to take you to the respective article.

Don’t forget if you have any ideas, suggestions, or a build thread you think would make a cool feature (doesn’t have to be your own), drop us a line at

Thanks again everyone!

– anth

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50 Posts!


Build Threads has reached 50 posts since its inception just over 2 months ago, here are some statistics to celebrate the milestone.

Most Popular Top 5 Posts:
1. The Bucket Mk1 VW Golf
2. Project Datsun 1600 Part 7
3. Syborg Twin Turbo – 4.3l v6 TT Mini-Truck
4. Race Taxi 993 Turbo Kombi
5. KP61 Starlet

Total number of views: 6,102 (as of 4:18pm 5th May 2009 Eastern Australian Time)

Forums & Blogs where links to Build Threads have been posted by readers:
(in no particular order)
JDM Style Tuning
Evolution OZ
Engineered To Slide
Bolly Blog
Motor Mania
AE86 Driving Club
One Ten
Dori Kaze
VW Tolosa Club

Japanese Track & Street
AL’s Car Stuff

Thanks to everyone for reading, please keep spreading the word, and stay tuned for a special future post when we reach 50 Build Threads featured.

– Anth

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