My favourite garage

Time to get into another garage post. This garage caught my eye over a year ago when I was browsing The Garage Journal looking for big and expensive garages to feature. Instead, I found this gem, a garage that I would love to call my own and can realistically aspire to. Sure, it’s great to fantasize about the multi-million dollar dwellings that we’ve all seen online and imagine ourselves filling them with many exotica, but unfortunately for most of us, it is just that, a fantasy. The other characteristic I dislike about the ‘mega garages’ is that they appear clinical, sterile, and they lack a real ‘working’ vibe.

From the moment I first saw Jack’s garage it just resonated with me and the images were instantly burnt into my memory. The nostalgic look and feel, the unusual yet perfect choice of colours, the heavy cabinets, thick bench tops, even the vines growing over the outside wall above the door, it just ‘works’ and creates a wonderful garage atmosphere that can’t be achieved from simply ticking boxes in a catalogue. The other great thing about it is that the build was done on a budget, with many second-hand parts being used, combined with a lot of hard work by the owner.

When I get my own place and start looking for inspiration for my own garage, you can bet that the first place I’ll be visiting is Jack’s thread. Keep your eyes peeled for a future feature on the car that calls this garage it’s home. See below for more pictures + a link of the ’12 Guage Garage’ as it is dearly known.

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Garage Condo

I know there hasn’t been many posts lately and I do apologise for that, especially for you guys that check the site every day. If it was up to me I’d do this full time and post up stuff for you guys daily. Believe me when I say I have 3 very impressive builds to show you this month, but you’ll just have to be patient. These builds are some of the best I have been waiting-on to feature, so you won’t be disappointed.

But for now, I’d like to show you something that everybody loves, a garage build. One bit of consistent feedback that I get from readers is that they want to see more garage builds, so here’s one that’ll make your eyes pop.

This isn’t your ordinary garage, nor is it built in your ordinary garage location (next to your house). This particular “car hole” as Moe Syzlack would call it, is built in the AutoMotorplex in Minneapolis. “Whats that?” I hear you say. Well it’s a large estate where gear-heads can build their massive dream garages collectively, creating a community of epic car dwellings. Think of it as a small city where instead of buildings, you have garages. Sound like heaven to you? Yeah, me too!

Just wait ’till you see this example, complete will a second-level chill area. I’ll stop blabbering so you can see for yourself and get the same serious case of green-eye syndrome that I just contracted.

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English Garage

It’s been a while since I’ve posted a garage build, so here’s one that is a bit more realistic for the majority of us. Dan emailed me his photo-documented garage build not long ago, and you can tell he’s proud as punch of the outcome, and wouldn’t he be? Every car nut dreams of having their own space to work on their project(s), and Dan has achieved that with a house-quality multiple car dwelling located at the rear of his block for maximum privacy. It’s just begging for a ground-up rebuild to take place inside.

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Big Dog Garage

Jay Leno is a car guy to the bone, and he has done what most of us would do if we were on a Hollywood salary, he built a huge garage and filled it with the worlds coolest cars, motorbikes, planes, and anything with an engine. Not only is he a walking encyclopedia of cars and automotive history, but he also isn’t afraid to roll up his sleeves and get dirty to fix one of his prized possessions. To help him maintain his collection, Jay employs a full time staff at the garage.

The Big Dog Garage has everything from classics, concept cars, one-off custom creations, steam engined cars, a jet powered motorbike, drag cars, all the way down to the EcoJet, an environmentally friendly super car collaboratively built by Jay and GM which started its life as a sketch on a napkin. An awesome build by the Big Dog staff was the Oldsmobile Toronado which was converted from front wheel drive to rear wheel drive by dropping the body over a modified chassis made from 2 Corvettes, while being powered by a 1,070hp twin turbo V8. Link after the jump. Continue reading “Big Dog Garage”

Nostalgic Garage

The garage i featured in Garage Re-Vamp was very modern, clean, high-tech, and full of late model exotic cars. Here’s a garage from the other side of the spectrum.

This is the kind of garage I would love to own. You can keep your tiled floors and rendered walls, give me the character and old school charm of this place any day! Wooden floorboards, exposed beams, and even a split-level add-on.

While there’s no “build” pictures as such, I just had to share it.

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