Crate Cars

You’ve heard of crate engines, but what about a whole crate car? For a few years now, Dynacorn Classic Bodies have been producing all-steel replacement bodies for the ’67 & ’69 Chevy Camaro, ’47-’50 & ’52-’54 Chevy pickup (cab only), and the 67-’70 Ford Mustang.

This means no more buying rusted out shells from the junkyard or a second hand car full of suprises and spending thousands of dollars and man-hours on restorations, you simply start with a brand new shell and build from there. Prices start from $8,995 for the pickup cab, up to $16,500 for the ’70 Mustang (USD).

So which would you prefer, an original muscle car with history or a brand new re-make? Each have their pros and cons, but are they really classic muscle cars?

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The guys over at My Ride Is Me have brought up an interesting discussion. What do you get if you mix the styles of pro-touring with hella-flush wheel fitment? Ill-Touring of course! It’s a mash-up of two of the most prevalent styles in the car scene today.

Here’s my rough rendition based on the pictures featured in their story…

What do you think of the whole idea? Let them know over at

Mighty Mods

What’s better than pictures of cars being modified? Video of cars being modified!

For the past few years, a passionate team of Australian car enthusiasts have been busy producing/filming/editing their own brand of car videos, picking up the slack left by the uninspiring Australian Top Gear. If you’re lusting after some audio/visual entertainment of the automotive persuasion, then look no further. Their video’s feature everything from DIY, product reviews, car reviews, and how-to’s.

With a hint of Aussie humour to keep things light hearted, I’m sure you’ll all enjoy what the Mighty Mods team has to offer.

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Previous Ride – S15

I found an old pic of my previous car that I thought I’d throw up…


Koni yellow adjustable shocks, Kmac 3″ lowered springs
Adjustable rear camber arms
Z33 350z wheels, 18×8 +30 with 225/40 Hankook RS2 tyres
3″ turbo-back exhaust, front mount intercooler
BMC panel filter with modified airbox,
Nismo duracon black gearknob, shortened gear stick (cut and re-welded thread)
Autometer liquid filled boost gauge in drivers side airvent
JDM lightning bolt bonnet badge, modified front bar (no vertical slat)
Smoothed boot (spoiler + keyhole)
JDM rear bar (no reflectors)
Nismo rear bumper pods
Nismo clear side indicators

Foose Design & Gaffoglio Family Metalcrafters Shop Tour

Chip Foose, a true legend in the world of car craftsmanship. If you’ve seen the TV show Rides or Overhaulin’ then you know exactly what I’m talking about. If you haven’t seen them, go out and buy all of them. Chip has built multiple Autorama Riddler award winners, first learning his craft from his father Sam Foose, also a highly decorated car builder. Not only can he build a flawless car from scratch, he can also draw like no one else.

The following link from Jalopnik takes us on a tour of Foose Design headquarters and then the Gaffoglio Family Metalcrafters shop. I’ll link you to the gallery because the main link doesn’t load all the pictures. Here’s a sample;

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