Routine carnage

I wondered why I was having trouble getting the sump plug off…

In other news, my apologies for the lack of posts this past week or so but I’m off to Japan on Saturday for 2.5 weeks! Been a bit busy organising things but I’m going to get some posts ready for you guys to schedule for while I’m away, and hopefully I’ll be able to fit in a post or two from abroad.

Also I should be ready to run ads on the sidebar by the time I’m back, so if you think any businesses out there would benefit from some really good exposure, be sure to let them know.

Project 510 – Nardi Torino

One thing that I’ve always wanted in the car was a Nardi Classic steering wheel, yet I was torn between woodgrain and leather. I love the way woodgrain looks, but I was never sure of how it felt. When a leather 350mm classic came up for sale at a low price, I snapped it up regardless of the material. Understandably, it didn’t come with a horn button or a trim ring, so my hunt wasn’t quite over just yet.

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Project 510 –

Here is the fourth Speedhunters article to be posted, this one is about my own project car. Many of you who have been following this blog since the start would be familiar with this particular automobile, but this article really takes it back to how it all started for me, plus there are some images that I’ve never posted before. Hope you all like it.

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I get hits from all kinds of random forums, and every now and BMX in Scotland pops up in my stats section so I thought I’d throw this pic up in response.

This is my two-wheeled project, so expect a full write-up when it’s completed. I’m also working on my fourth and final Speedhunters feature, so sit tight for that one. I also have a stack of awesome submissions from readers to get through, so thank you to all who submit builds and I apologise if I can’t reply to all the emails, I’ll get through them eventually.

Project 510 – CV driveshaft conversion

It’s been a while since the last update, but work has been happening in the meantime.

With the low-ride height I like the datto to roll at, there are no doubts I would run into a few obstacles (both literally and mechanically). One of those is the extreme angle that the drive-shafts operate at. Since the 510’s and some other Datsuns use an old-school independent rear suspension setup, the driveshafts angle upwards further and further as you lower the car. Being an older type universal-joint design, there is a limit to how efficiently the shafts can operate at such an angle.

Thankfully the Datsun brand captured the imaginations and hearts of many people around the world over the years, and we are lucky enough to have companies such as Wolf Creek Racing catering to our needs.

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