Project 510 – Accident & Repairs

Progress isn’t always good…


About 2 months ago I was rear ended at low speed. Luckily insurance took care of it all. Along with body repairs to the rear of the car it also received another bumper which was re-chromed along with my number plate light surround, and some New-Old-Stock tail lights.

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Project 510 – Front Lip & Lowering

In the last update I gave showed a picture of the Datsun’s next mod:


Well it’s a front lip from a Mk1 VW Golf (or Rabbit), also known as a large duckbill. I’ve seen few pictures here and there of older small cars with front lips on them, and have always loved the look. I got the idea to use a Mk1 Golf lip from the Racer86 blog and his KP30 Starlet, and also from Alex and his 180B (610) which will be featured in the future.

So lets fit this thing…

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Project 510 – Venetian & Mirrors

Firstly here is the car after a nice wash with the grille and headlight surrounds put back in place. Sorry about the average pic, I’ll get better ones soon. The car has also been lowered slightly by compressing the springs, but it didn’t turn out how i had hoped, so I’ll just wait till it has coilovers all round before I tackle the ride height again. Might as well do it properly!


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