Project IV – Clean Up

Disclaimer: I take no responsibility for the level of boredom you reach while reading this update. Not much really happens, you have been warned!

This update is well overdue, and so was a bath for the Golf! Now that the wheels were on and the suspension lowered down, it was time to clean up all the odds and ends that were bugging me since I bought it.

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Project IV – Wheels + Lowering

So now that the coilovers were installed, I was just waiting for my wheels & tyres to arrive. After debating over the usual Audi & VW OEM styled wheels that are available, I eventually settled on some MKIV R32 Aristo replicas in 18×8 +35 with 225/40/18 tyres. Nothing drastic, no poke or noticeable stretch, but good enough to look nice and still be practical.

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Project IV – Coilover Install

Wheel gap is bad…

Time to get the Golf’s suspension sorted! After browsing around VW Watercooled researching my options, I seemed to keep being pointed into the direction of one person, Robin. Robin is the Australian distributor of HotTuning Coilovers, and the more I looked into it, the more I thought that these would be perfectly suited to my application. The Golf is soley my daily driver, and will never see a racetrack, so I was after something street-friendly at a reasonable price that would still enable me to enjoy the odd twisty road. My main goal was height adjustability, as I’ve given up on spring/shock combo a long time ago after never being able to get my old cars to sit at the height I wanted.

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Project IV – window tint

Finally got some tint installed. I’ve never actually had any of my cars tinted, as most of them just came with some light tinting already on the windows, or I always thought the money could be better spent on other modifications. But these windows were so clear that I really had no choice, and now that it’s been done I’m really happy with the results. Dark windows really set off a dark car. (Modern cars only, I’m not a fan of tint on older cars)

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