Ken Block Gymkhana 2 build up

After the global success of Ken Blocks first gymkhana video that engulfed every website/blog/email in the world, everyone will be happy to know that Mr Block, DC Shoes, and Subaru are planning a sequel. This time it’s being much more publisised in the lead-up to the event, and to our delight a video showcasing the build of the new car has surfaced, perfect for us build thread addicts!

Mighty Mods

What’s better than pictures of cars being modified? Video of cars being modified!

For the past few years, a passionate team of Australian car enthusiasts have been busy producing/filming/editing their own brand of car videos, picking up the slack left by the uninspiring Australian Top Gear. If you’re lusting after some audio/visual entertainment of the automotive persuasion, then look no further. Their video’s feature everything from DIY, product reviews, car reviews, and how-to’s.

With a hint of Aussie humour to keep things light hearted, I’m sure you’ll all enjoy what the Mighty Mods team has to offer.

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1JZ S13

Sal from Powerzamcam contacted me about featuring his 1JZ S13 drift car, to which I happily obliged. I think its fantastic when people contact me to feature cars, as it makes my job easier, plus it means I can feature builds that I might not have otherwise found.

So why do so many people put 1J’s and 2J’s into Silvia’s and Skyline’s? To me it appears as the perfect way to take a chassis with tremendous aftermarket support and affordable parts and combine it with an engine bloodline that carries a reputation for reliability and easily obtainable horsepower. It seems to be a tried and tested route so there must be good reason for it.

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