Best. Roadtrip…Ever?

I’ve been keeping my eye on a particular build over at Piston Heads, and it was during one of my visits there that I decided to browse around and see what else I could find. My efforts payed off as soon as I came across this unbelievable road trip thread that instantly had me green with envy.

Umair, the proud owner of an NA MX5, partakes in what is known as the Petrolhead Nirvana Alpine Tour. It’s what a car enthusiasts dreams are made of; thrashing your own car day after day for more than a week on the best roads that Europe has to offer. Umair proves that you don’t have to be a millionaire to enjoy a trip like this, putting his humble roadster up against much more expensive machinery and taking away maximum satisfaction from the experience.

These images have to be seen to be believed, each one is like a postcard from automotive heaven. I urge you to follow the link to the full thread after the jump, there are even some video links scattered throughout it. My hat is well and truly tipped.

CLICK HERE to visit to the full thread.


3 thoughts on “Best. Roadtrip…Ever?”

  1. Glad you liked the thread. As you say you don’t need to be a millionaire to join our trips just a real enthusiast. Umair’s car not only kept up but was one of the most fun on the trip. The MX5 has a great chassis and he knows how to enjoy it.

    The roads are awesome and the fun to be had in a group makes the trip even better. it’s more about the roads and the people than the cars although we get our fair share of exotics there are never any egos on tour.

    We’re off on a few more trips in 2011 so look out for a few more blogs and write ups over on our forum, every petrolhead is welcome to any info we post.

    The Petrolhead Nirvana team

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