Mighty Mods

What’s better than pictures of cars being modified? Video of cars being modified!

For the past few years, a passionate team of Australian car enthusiasts have been busy producing/filming/editing their own brand of car videos, picking up the slack left by the uninspiring Australian Top Gear. If you’re lusting after some audio/visual entertainment of the automotive persuasion, then look no further. Their video’s feature everything from DIY, product reviews, car reviews, and how-to’s.

With a hint of Aussie humour to keep things light hearted, I’m sure you’ll all enjoy what the Mighty Mods team has to offer.


With over 20 episodes in their first season, be sure to check out the Mighty Mods website at http://www.mightycarmods.com to see all the videos.

2 thoughts on “Mighty Mods”

  1. Fantastic idea for a video!
    Are you writing these stories yourself? Interested in joining forces?

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