Rusty Road-Trip

About a week ago I made a post titled Rolling Rust, featuring rolling shots of the patina’d StanceWorks E28 BMW and it’s equally cool trailer, rocking a combined 6 BBS wheels. Little did I know that those pictures belonged to a whole series documenting a road-trip from Tennessee to California. You guys will probably see this on Speedhunters (which is where I found it) but I thought it would be nice to do a follow-up post anyway. Props to Jeroen Willemsen for posting it and bringing it to the masses. For his Speedhunters article click here.

You can check out the StanceWorks thread HERE which has been neatly organised with separate chapters for ease of viewing.


8 thoughts on “Rusty Road-Trip”

  1. That trip looked like it sucked. Can’t drive on any interesting roads because the car is too low. Days stuck in a POS car that is unprepared for any sort of distance driving, constantly breaking off the exhaust and cording tires, stopping a week for parts that should have been packed as spares or dealt with before leaving etc doesn’t really make for an “epic” trip. And then to BLOG about it — get over yourself. Cars like this may look cool sitting still, but they’ve lost all driving ability, and this “report” basically confirms how dumb they are.

  2. it’s just a bit of fun, couple of friends on a road trip in an unpractical car. makes for good pictures too. why so serious?

  3. holy shit db. calm down.

    do a bit of research before you assume shit like that.
    “The Plan:
    Drive 2,535 miles each way, from Nashville, TN all the way to San Jose, CA.
    I’m coming out purely to hang out. It’s my summer road trip, my first time crossing the country. I want my SW brethren to be part of it!

    The Car:
    I’m going to do this trek in the unthinkable. I’m going to drive my e28.
    I know damn well my car may never make it back to the east coast. I know my car may leave me stranded…. more than once. I know it could kill me…. but it must be done. Its what makes this adventure the best adventure ever.

    The car will be a bit different from the way it is now, I think the added goodness will be a pleasant surprise to you guys.”

  4. Weird, I’m about to do a cross-country trip in my s30 that hasn’t seen the road in 15 years. I think the difference is that I’m preparing for it a little more. Just need to finish putting the turbo motor in then sorting out the suspension and I can depart!

    … I’m going to spend some time going through that thread to see what mistakes he made that I can avoid.

  5. Thanks for the shout out! We’re on our way home now, we’re half way home.
    For the guy who said it lost all driveablility, we’ve driven over 4000 miles so far on this trip in a car likely lower than most, and so far I’d say we’re doin’ pretty well. 🙂

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