Top 10 Posts of 2015

I’m back after having a little break over the Christmas/New Year period, so I’d like to thank you for your patience during the down-time, and hope everyone had a great end to the year. I’m feeling refreshed and ready for another great year of builds! I thought I’d throw together a quick post to get things moving, showing what were the most popular builds of the last twelve months, according to the stats…

10. 1962 Ford Falcon 2.3 Turbo
Aside from the exceptionally cool car and unique engine choice, this build was a delight to read due to not only the car and work surrounding it, but also the owners own anecdotes that were well-writen with a great amount of humour.


9. GT3 Powered Porsche 962 Replica 
A classic endurance racer replica being built in a garage, complete with a slathering of CNC machined parts? It’s not hard to see why this one mad the top 10. With a GT3 road-car being used as a donor, it’s builds like this that give us all that “maybe I can do that” feeling of enthusiasm.


8. Peugot 106 Hillclimb build
From an iconic vintage race car to a humble little hatchback, it doesn’t matter what the base car is on, and this just proves it. This Pug is being built to a high calibre by it’s owner, with updates still being posted in the thread as recently as the last few days.


7. Makela Ferrari 308 GTB Group 4
I’ve featured the goings-on of Makela before, but when I re-discovered the complete build of their 308 Ferrari, it just had to be featured on it’s own. From the intense build quality to the incredibly retro brown stripe livery, everything about this car is spot-on.


6. Project Thunderbolt LS3 Miata
One thing I pushed more of this year was video builds, especially with the What I’m Watching series of posts. That didn’t stop me from featuring complete video builds on their own, and Tom’s Miata proved to be a hit with everyone. It wasn’t hard to see why, as Tom’s Turbo Garage is one of the best in the business when it comes to documenting builds via moving image. I can’t wait to see what he brings us next.


5. Project Ugly Horse
With my affinity for Fox Body Mustangs more than obvious, Project Ugly Horse was a shoe-in for a feature. This one differed from the usual forum-based builds, as it was housed on a various automotive blogs, so the writing and images were above par. Sadly, after bouncing around from blog to blog, the project has trailed off into the distance without any recent updates.

4. The World of Sakurama
The only non-car build to make the list, Sakurama’s garage and house build are what dreams are made of. Mid-century modern architecture, professional photography, attention to detail, and a few motorbike builds thrown in for good measure. Some new up-to-date photos have recently been posted in the thread, just incase you were wanting an update.


3. Ferrari F40 LM Restoration (Part 5)
The fifth installment of this series just scraped it in, being posted right at the beginning of 2015, so it was always going to make the list. The F40 LM build as a whole has lit up the stats on this site, constantly being linked on forums and websites everywhere, so I will forever be grateful for the owner giving me permission to re-post the whole build here. If you’re feeling game and want to read all 5 parts again, you can find the index by clicking here.


2. Mk1 Caddy 24v AWD Turbo
I was very happy to see a local car make the list. There aren’t many Mk1 Caddy’s that made it to Australia in the first place, so to see one torn apart like this is even more impressive. A VR6 conversion with an all-wheel-drive swap will certainly wake up this little ute when it’s complete, and with the owner recently renting out a workspace I’m hopeful that the updates will be coming soon.


1. RAMPAGE – 2nd Gen Camaro
Topping off the list is one of my personal favourites, the Rampage Camaro. This build blurs the lines between muscle cars, pro touring, hot rods and race cars. Every image in the thread shows masterpieces of metal fabrication. My love for the Roadster Shop is obvious, as I believe they are not only one of the best car builders in the world, but also one of the best at actually documenting and sharing their work with the world, which is what you and I both love. I’m confident that we’ll be seeing more of the Roadster Shop’s builds right here in 2016.

What was your favourite build of 2015? Feel free to comment below 🙂

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