Another pair of Wings

I couldn’t help myself, a pair of cheap Ewing III’s came up on, so I went straight back to Dan to place a bid and ship these puppies over here. They’re nothing drastic, 15×7 +17, to replace the 6.5’s I currently run on the front, so I’ll have 7’s on the front & rear now. I guess it’ll give me something to do over the summer. What do you guys think of the white accents, compared to the way I have mine in black?

9 thoughts on “Another pair of Wings”

  1. Hey Peter, the Ewings come in 16s and 17s but I think the shape of the spokes change a bit. If you do a search for ‘ewing’ on the auctions, you’ll see there are a few different styles in the ewing family.

  2. Hi Alex,

    Image sure do make some nice wheels, but the shipping from UK to AUS would be a killer. A friend of mine is acutally looking to import a set of the “RS1 Classic build” for his MK1 Escort.

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