Project 510 – Grille & Headlight Surrounds

Okay, so the first area to be attacked is the front end.

Firstly, here’s some detailed pictures of the state of the bumpers, not very pretty, especially the rear one.

In Part 1 I mentioned that I bought a shell a few years ago with all the parts required to build a full car, but sold the shell off shortly after, while retaining all the parts.
Here are the two bumpers that I had in storage from that shell. The front one is almost mint, just a few scratches on the surface, but the rear one has some pitting on the chrome.

After a bit of a polish on the front one:

I attempted to put them on the car but they didn’t line up properly. I’ll try again at a later date when i have more time to play around with the mounts.

One thing that I always planned to do is clean up the grille and headlight surrounds…

All badges removed from grille

Lightly polished on the left, un-touched on the right. They came up pretty good for 40 year old parts

Next, I masked up the “rings” that go around the headlights

This is my favourite paint, its a nice metallic charcoal/grey, it really glistens in the light. Its called “Cast Alloy”

The finished product with a few coats of clear

Unfortunately the grille is missing the top slat, but this will be fixed later on.

Stay tuned for updates 😉

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